SUNERGY Made a Wonderful Appearance in Intersolar Europe2023



On June 14, the annual InterSolar Europe 2023 opened in Munich, Germany. Chinaland Solar Energy Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SUNERGY), as an international photovoltaic solution provider, appeared at the exhibition with a variety of products. Bringing a richer and more detailed photovoltaic module product matrix and household energy storage scenario solutions to the European market.

During the exhibition, SUNERGY's products include Mars, Mars N, Mars NS, Mars BK and other component product lines to meet the needs of customers in more scenarios.

The Mars N series uses TOPCon 3.0 battery technology, with a solar cell efficiency of up to 26.2% and a module power of 585W. It has the advantages of high power, high efficiency, and high power generation. Combining the advantages of N-type components such as low loss, excellent low-light performance, and high reliability, the company has developed 54 half-cell, 60 half-cell, 72 half-cell, etc. The power range covers 410W-585W and can be used in industrial and commercial rooftops, household power distribution, large-scale Scenarios such as power station projects.

Mars NS adopts a double-sided double-glass lightweight design with larger size and high double-sidedness, which can effectively reduce the cost of electricity and is suitable for ground and water surface power station projects.

Mars BK series products feature high appearance, high power, and high reliability, with power covering 380W-460W. This component can be perfectly integrated with the roof and local ecology to form a unique landscape, which is very popular among local markets and customers in Europe. All-black appearance, bright colors, interpretation of simple aesthetics, mainly targeted at the European rooftop photovoltaic market.

SUNERGY smart energy system "SUNHOME" provides customers with one-stop home power generation system solutions based on the needs of the household photovoltaic market. The integration of photovoltaic power generation and energy storage meets a variety of needs.

Off-grid or grid-connected systems can be customized according to the specific conditions of the family, and a variety of solutions can meet the full-cycle electricity service of the family.

SUNHOME is favored by the European market for its positioning of high quality, high safety and high intelligence, and is committed to allowing more customers to start a smart, convenient and comfortable green life.