SUNERGY Shines at SNEC 2023 in Shanghai



On May 24, the SNEC exhibition opened. As the world's leading provider of integrated photovoltaic smart energy solutions, SUNERGY debuted at the exhibition with innovative products such as solar modules, BIPV and ESS.

SUNERGY has been deeply engaged in the photovoltaic industry for many years, always actively developing more efficient and cost-effective products to meet the needs of the market and users, optimizing the structure and process route on the basis of past technology and application results, since the P-type into the N-type circuit, has been in the production expansion, efficiency improvement on the road, adhere to the N-type technology as the route, breaking through the battery conversion efficiency, double-sided rate. At present, the efficiency of TOPCon and HJT components can reach more than 22.8%. SUNERGY exhibited a total of three Mars N type module products, the power range covers 410W-710W, multi-scene adaptability, the components once exhibited will attract numerous attention, high efficiency, high power, high reliability, high single-watt power generation, low BOS and LCOE and other core advantages can achieve higher power generation, reduce construction costs, improve economy. It has been widely used in large-scale ground power stations and distributed projects, with broad market prospects, and an endless stream of customers come to consult the booth.

PVT household photovoltaic thermal integration system is the exclusive research and development of SUNERGY photoelectric power generation, heating, heating water in one of the multi-in-one solution. Solar photovoltaic photovoltaic integrated module is mainly composed of photovoltaic and photovoltaic thermal two parts composed of photovoltaic and photovoltaic thermal two parts. The front photovoltaic module and the back collector convert solar energy into heat energy, while using the thermal cycling mechanism to cool the solar cell, improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency, and make more efficient use of solar heat energy. The air source heat pump in the system converts low-grade heat energy into high-grade heat energy by consuming part of the electric energy, so as to achieve a higher temperature and solve the heating and hot water.

The BIPV photovoltaic building integration system adopts a waterproof flying side spline structure, containing EPDM sealing strip, which can solve the water leakage problem from the root, install the whole roof without support, effectively control the cost, and ensure that the whole roof is tight and impermeable, fully demonstrating the technical research and development innovation and manufacturing strength of Chinaland in the photovoltaic field.

At this exhibition, we SUNERGY achieved the first combination of PVT and BIPV, which attracted much attention at the booth site, and many customers expressed their intention to install. BIPV replaces the roof to complete power generation, and PVT completes heat collection, perfectly integrating photovoltaic buildings and photovoltaic light and heat, simultaneously supplying electricity and heat output at the user end, achieving a tripartite win-win situation of watts, electricity and heat, realizing the cascade application of clean energy, and ultimately maximizing resources, environment and benefits.

In the context of global carbon neutrality, the green transformation of energy is accelerated, and the photovoltaic + energy storage model can meet the needs of users for self-sufficiency and help practice the dual-carbon goal. For the household optical storage system, SUNERGY provides single-phase and three-equal power segment solutions, and simulates the household optical storage scenario on the spot. Under the premise of safety and reliability, Our household storage system can also meet and off-grid multi-mode switching, flexible and compatible with terpolymer, lithium iron phosphate, lead acid/lead carbon, liquid flow and other types of energy storage batteries. With intelligent load management functions, it can realize core values such as power consumption freedom, intelligent control experience, and active safety.

SNEC2023 has come to an end, but our solar industry is moving forward. SUNERGY will, as always, adhere to industrial vertical integration and innovative research and development, promote photovoltaic cost reduction and efficiency through technological innovation, and lead the high-quality development of the industry. At the same time, we will continue to increase investment, continue to make efforts in global layout, industrial chain extension, and capacity expansion, and commit to providing global users with green and efficient new energy services and new experiences, and build a comprehensive energy industry ecosystem.