On August 29, 2023 local time, the 2023 Intersolar South America Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition (Intersolar South America) in Sao Paulo, Brazil, grandly opened at the Sao Paulo North Convention and Exhibition Center. The highest and most influential exhibition. SUNERGY made a wonderful appearance with its new module products and optical storage system, adding more glory to the enthusiastic Brazilian market.

At this exhibition, as a world-renowned photovoltaic solution provider, SUNERGY's overseas brand SUNERGY brings multiple component product lines such as Mars, Mars N, and Mars NS, and subdivides its products to meet the needs of customers in multiple scenarios. As one of the first companies in the industry to mass-produce TOPCon components,  SUNERGY has been committed to promoting cost reduction and efficiency improvement of components. The Mars N series uses TOPCon 3.0 battery technology with a battery efficiency of up to 26.2%. It is superimposed on SMBB, rectangular silicon wafer and other front-end technologies. The module power is up to 590W, and the power range covers 410W-590W. It combines the advantages of high power, high efficiency, and high power generation. At the same time, N-type modules have the advantages of low loss, excellent low-light performance and high reliability, which can bring higher power generation income and investment value to multiple scenarios such as industrial and commercial rooftops, household distribution, and large-scale power station projects, and both It has passed the Brazilian INMETRO certification and is highly recognized by the local market. In addition, SUNERGY's HJT high-efficiency heterojunction modules also received enthusiastic attention at the scene. The maximum output power of Mars HJT products can reach 710W. They have low temperature coefficient, good low-light performance, high bifacial ratio, and effectively reduce the cost of electricity. The ultra-high output power and conversion efficiency have attracted many customer inquiries. They are deeply loved by the local market in South America and Customer welcome.

In the context of global carbon neutrality, the green transformation of energy is accelerating. The photovoltaic + energy storage model can meet the needs of users for self-sufficiency and help achieve the dual carbon goals. For household optical storage systems,  SUNERGY provides a variety of power segment solutions such as single-phase and three-phase, and simulates household optical storage scenarios on site.  SUNERGY's household optical storage systems can also be used safely and reliably. It meets multi-mode switching between on-grid and off-grid, and is flexibly compatible with multiple types of energy storage batteries such as ternary, lithium iron phosphate, lead-acid/lead carbon, and liquid flow. It has intelligent load management functions, etc., enabling freedom of power consumption, intelligent control experience, and proactive core values such as safety.

As one of the largest photovoltaic markets in the world, Brazil has always been the most important market for SUNERGY. SUNERGY will continue to focus on Brazil and radiate to Latin America. It will adhere to user needs as the center, deeply explore the Latin American market, and continuously optimize and upgrade products and sales network. Improve and brand service after-sales service to provide customers with more reliable, efficient and cost-effective photovoltaic modules.