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Chinaland Solar Energy Co., Ltd. (SUNERGY)

  • Chinaland Solar Energy Co., Ltd. (SUNERGY) was established in 2008 and is located in Feidong Economic Development Zone. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of solar modules and photovoltaic power generation systems. Our company's main business includes solar monocrystalline silicon wafers, polycrystalline silicon wafers, silicon rods, cells, photovoltaic modules and other photovoltaic power generation products, solar cell controllers, inverters, smart electrician series, various street lights, photovoltaic cleaning robots, solar photovoltaic products and photovoltaic power stations Technical consultation, technical services, installation and commissioning; investment, operation, maintenance and design, procurement, construction general contracting of photovoltaic power stations; self-operated and agency import and export business of various commodities and technologies. Our company consists of the Solar Photovoltaic Research Institute, the Solar Component Division, the Photovoltaic Power Generation System Engineering Division, and the Intelligent Power Station Operation and Maintenance Management Center. It aims to build a system platform for technology, market, management, talent and information, and effectively connect with the world and domestic industries. Organization and strive to build a leading brand in the photovoltaic industry.
  • Relying on industry-leading module R&D capabilities and manufacturing levels, in 2019, Chinaland Solar Energy innovatively researched and launched the industry-leading multi-busbar half-cut PERC high-efficiency module. It has leading technology, obvious advantages, and high cost performance. It has greatly improved the power and efficiency of the module, taking the lead in Entering the 455W+ era, the newly built 3GW multi-busbar half-cut module intelligent workshop has been officially put into production. Both in terms of production capacity and output value, it will enter the track of rapid growth and move towards a higher and broader development platform.
  • Our company's products have passed various domestic and foreign certifications such as TUV, IEC, CEC, UL, CE, MCS, EMC, INMETRO, FIDE, CGC, CQC, CTC, CQC "Top Runner" certification, and CTC power attenuation rate "Top Runner" certification. , and has also passed authoritative certifications such as ISO09001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSMS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
  • Our company now has branches and warehousing centers in Germany, Italy, and Belgium, and has more than 100 cooperative dealers and agents in Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, etc., basically forming our company's products The sales network in major international markets is dominated by terminal sales, occupying the terminal market and stabilizing profits. In addition, SUNERGY has established subsidiaries and branches in the United States, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong and other regions, registered SUNERGY brand, and set up factories in Australia with an annual production capacity of 300MW. It is the first domestic photovoltaic company to currently set up a factory in Australia. Enterprises lay the foundation for exploring overseas markets and further expand manpower, production capacity and capital support to seize overseas markets. At present, SUNERGY brand is becoming increasingly mature, and its products are sold overseas, exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as the European Union, America, and Southeast Asia. In some areas, it has jointly supported with local governments to promote photovoltaic street light projects, photovoltaic agricultural irrigation and other photovoltaic application technologies. Received unanimous praise from customers.

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