SUNERGY Shines in Poland ENEX NEW ENERGY 2024



On February 7-8, local time, the two-day ENEX NEW ENERGY2024 kicked off at the Kielce International Exhibition Center. ENEX New Energy in Kielce, Poland is the most influential renewable energy exhibition in Poland. As a world-renowned photovoltaic solution provider, Chinaland solar energy Co.,Ltd’ overseas brand SUNERGY made a wonderful appearance with a variety of products.

SUNERGY exhibited multiple component product lines such as Mars, Mars N, Mars NS, and Mars BK, and segmented the products to meet the needs of customers in multiple scenarios. Among them, the Mars N series uses TOPCon 3.0 solar cell technology, with a high efficiency of up to 26.2% and the module power of 585W. It has the advantages of high power, high efficiency, and high power generation. It combines the low loss, excellent low-light performance, and high reliability of N-type modules. The SUNERGY has developed multiple module versions such as 54-halfcell, 60-halfcell, and 72-halfcell solar modules, covering 410W-585W power range, which can bring higher power generation benefits to multiple scenarios such as industrial and commercial rooftops, household distributed, and large-scale power station projects. and investment value. In addition, SUNERGY provides a 30-year linear power warranty for Mars series of modules, ensuring the continued and stable power generation of modules.

During the exhibition, ENEX officially awarded SUNERGY's booth the "Top Design" award, and only 20 companies were selected.

This renewable energy exhibition in Kielce, Poland is the first European stop for SUNERGY in 24 years. It is also an important opportunity for SUNERGY to further expand the European photovoltaic market. In the future, SUNERGY will continue to implement the customer-centered value concept, deepen strategic cooperation with global customers, and increase investment in research and development to launch more high-quality, high-performance and high-reliability products to make greater contributions to the global green energy industry. contribute.