Implementing 'Dual Carbon' Strategy: SUNERGY PV Modules in Production in Baise City, Guangxi!



On April 9th, SUNERGY held an offline ceremony to inaugurate efficient and intelligent new photovoltaic modules at its subsidiary in Baise City, Guangxi. This marked the official commencement of production for SUNERGY's photovoltaic equipment industry project in Baise City.

The Baise City Photovoltaic Equipment Industrial Park project aligns with the city’s goals for carbon peak and carbon neutrality, optimizing the energy structure and launching key projects to promote multi-energy security. The total investment for the project is approximately 1.75 billion yuan. Upon completion, the annual output value is expected to reach 60 billion yuan, with tax revenue estimated at 2.5 billion yuan. The production facility boasts a high degree of automation, capable of producing one photovoltaic module every 16 seconds, thereby heralding a new era in Baise City's new energy and materials industry development.

Ge Guoke, Mayor of Baise City, expressed his hope that Baise City Energy would expedite the comprehensive development of various projects, promote full production, further expand Baise City's industrial chain, nurture technological innovation, and facilitate Baise City's achievement of high-quality development.

SUNERGY Chairman Guo Wandong emphasized the advantages of Baise City as an ideal destination for investment and entrepreneurship. He pledged to transform the Baise City Photovoltaic Equipment Industrial Park into a model for the new energy industry in Guangxi Province.

Zhang Haijun, General Manager of Guangxi Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., underscored that collaboration between central enterprises and local businesses would propel the development of new energy projects in Baise City, enhance the city's supply chain, and support its green development initiatives.

Mayor Ge Guoke of Baise City reiterated the city's unwavering commitment to implementing China's national strategic objectives, accelerating industrial modernization, and promoting high-quality development. He emphasized the significance of the SUNERGY project in constructing Baise's strategic emerging industrial park and affirmed the city's willingness to collaborate with various enterprises to foster the development of Baise's new energy and new materials industry.