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Dec 02 2019

Solar Power Mexico, co-sponsored by Deutsche Messe, Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition and Solar Power International, three world heavyweight solar exhibition organizers, March 19-21,was held in Mexico City. Chinaland brought its overseas brand SUNERGY attending the event.

Sunergy selected a variety of high-efficiency components to meet the diverse needs of the Latin American market. Among them, the shingled module and bi-glass components have leading technical advantages, which brings more choices for customers to improve their investment income. At the same time, Our classic conventional products, SUN60M,SUN72M,SUN60P,SUN72P have also been known for excellent product performance, competitive cost performance and stable power generation efficiency, widely praised and loved by local customers.

The Latin American market is an emerging market with strong growth in the next few years, and SUNERGY has been actively expanding the market. In March 2019, the SUNERGY component was confirmed to have passed the FIDE certification of the Mexican government. For participating in the photovoltaic power project of the Mexican government, FIDE is a necessary certification mark. The FIDE certificate mark indicates that the product can directly or indirectly conserve power and is sufficient to ensure that the Mexican government's solar power projects meet the country's energy efficiency standards and necessary regulatory requirements. This also indicates the willingness of SUNERGY to actively participate in the Mexican government's photovoltaic project.

SUNERGY is rapidly developing into a more globally renowned PV technology service company with its world-leading photovoltaic technology, high-quality products, competitive prices, and advanced global door-to-door logistics services. It has been 10 years since Chinaland entered the Mexican PV market, we have accumulated many backbone customers, and all of them have expressed their praise and trust. In 2019, SUNERGY will continue to increase its investment in the Mexican market and strive to become one of the mainstream brands in the country. Time proves choice, quality shows value, Chinaland will continue to move forward day by day, illuminating every corner of the world with high-quality and efficient component products.


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